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Ten Steps Until Nothing is a comic anthology published by the Italian independent group Teiera, inspired by the concepts of microcosm/macrocosm. The book, curated by Cristina Spanó and Giulia Sagramola includes 7-pages comics by Lilli Carré, Cristina Spanò, Giulia Sagramola,Mireia Pérez, Clara-Tanit Arqué, Tuono Pettinato, Roman Muradov, Anna Deflorian, Nicolò Pellizzon and myself. Cover and inner spots by Umberto Mischi.
You can find where to buy the book here.

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A Graphic Cosmogony (UK, 2010)
7-page collaboration for the anthology A Graphic Cosmogony, published by Nobrow Press in 2010. The book has 24 artists telling their own tales of the origin of the universe.
On my story I tried to tell in pictures one of the myths of creation of the Guarani tribes in south of Brazil.

The collaborators: Stuart Kolakovic, Mikkel Sommers, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Luke Best, Rob Hunter, Jon McNaught, Ben Newman, Andrew Rae, Luke Pearson, Jack Teagle, Jon Boam, Jakob Hindrichs, Clayton Junior, Daniel Locke, Isabel Greenberg, Mike Bertino, Nick White, Rui Tenreiro, Sean Hudson, Luc Melanson, Katia Fouquet, Yeji Yun, Matthew Lyons, Liesbeth De Stercke.

More info on the book here.
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Cartolina Da Curitiba - 2-page graphic reportage I've wrote about my hometown Curitiba for the Italian magazine Internazionale,
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Temporama (Nobrow, 2010)

Temporama was my first solo published work in comics. It is a silent story inspired by noir films and magic realism literature.

From The Comics Journal (USA):
"(...)The narrative is almost entirely carried by moody, noir-ish color.
(...) It’s one of the more interesting depictions of night in the city that I’ve ever seen in comics form, as the Brazilian artist uses a midnight blue as his base color and juxtaposes it against the extremely harsh and bright yellow of a store and the bright reds and purples of a fireworks display.
Clayton Jr. makes that darkness work for him, keeping the story bouncing along à la Carl Barks despite the fact that he’s not using a standard line to keep the reader’s eye moving from panel to panel. (by Rob Clough)"

From the editors:
"Temporama takes place in a city where, like any concrete jungle, technology favours the privileged, and nature is quarantined like a virus. A silent picture story told during one night of primal urges and strange happenings, Temporama is a beautifully simple tale told in Clayton’s trademark bold graphic style."

17 x 23 cm | 24 pages | Paperback saddlestitched
You can buy Temporama here.

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